Why Real Followers Are A Must To Use Social Media For Local Business

80% of all Facebook, Instagram & Twitter accounts and followers are fake. Yes, you’ve  got it right. The large number of your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts’ followers are not genuine. Now, you might be thinking that how come this is true. This article will explain ‘how’. Also, you will come to know how to get real likes for Facebook or any other social media platform that matters.

Have you ever thought why a new post attracts only 10-12 likes for social media accounts having more than 50,000 followers? The answer is these social media accounts have fake followers. Let us discuss the concept of fake followers.

Fake followers don’t always mean that the followers have fake accounts or they are not real people. Instead, it means the followers are not related to your business at all. This means the audience who is following you comes from different business domains; consequently, it is not interested in what is being posted. If the audience is in line with your business, you will see genuine interactions taking place across all social media platforms once you publish posts there.

So, you should have an emphasis on having followers of your business domain. This will inspire the interaction between you and your followers, giving you full advantage of social media platforms. The need of genuine followers becomes paramount if you want to use social media for local business. Having real people as followers ensures real engagement, making it easy for you meet your social media objectives.

In addition to focusing on real followers, you should also understand which social media platform is right for you. Selecting the right social media platform can be tricky. You might not be able to decide which social media platform will fetch great results for your business. Hiring a company with experienced social media professionals is a good choice if you want to leverage the real power of different social media platforms. A leading company not only helps you select the best social media platform for your business, but also assists you in having real followers on the selected platform.

As of January 2014, 74% of online adults use social networking sites. So there are vast business opportunities for you. Hire a leading company for social media marketing to harness the powers of the Internet. In addition to increasing awareness of your products, social media marketing can improve the overall image of your company.