Need An Estimate?

Most Web Developers (including us) have a questionnaire we have you fill out so we can get a better idea of what your needs are before quoting you a price on designing your website. While this is an indispensable tool for developers, it’s a pain for those who are price shopping before actually contacting a developer.

Enter Quick Estimate

Quick Estimate is a new tool in the arsenal at Perihelion Web Design, it allows potential clients to pick the base features and needs for their website and give them an immediate estimate on what their site may cost based on the chosen options. Once you’ve finished the process, the tool presents you with the final estimated price and the option to have the estimated cost emailed to you and submit any questions you may have.

We’ll still provide you with the option to fill out the long form for a detailed quote for your project, but the Quick Estimate will give you a good starting point.

Keep in mind that this tool gives you an estimate of the cost of your website. This price is an estimate and the actual cost may be either higher or lower than estimated by this tool. We will contact you with additional questions and send you a final cost for development of your website.

You can check out our new Quick Estimate Tool and see for yourself.