Why Digital Marketing Makes Sense in Small Town America

This consists of a well-constructed web site that displays well on mobile devices. Extra importantly, it permits your clients to interact with you.


This consists of a well-constructed web site that displays well on mobile devices. Extra importantly, it permits your clients to interact with you and to share just how fantastic you are to their buddies. Honda and Toyota carved out a substantial chunk of the American automobile market place and now Hyundai and Kia are undertaking the very same by taking benefit of their lower labor prices to create high-quality vehicles at a reduce value. The advantage is that rural businesses traditionally have a reduce labor cost.  Just as the competitive benefit that numerous countries have over the United States is the rate that they spend their workers, the same is correct with rural America. Getting a enterprise Facebook page is cost-free and gives you another way to interact with your clients. Small town enterprises have the capabilities, the expertise and work force to win these jobs. Nearby businesses do not have an effective digital marketing strategy and as a outcome are losing company to far more businesses from larger communities in the area that are properly utilizing the digital space.

Lastly, modest town businesses can compete head on with urban competitors in search engine advertising. A effectively run spend-per-click Adwords campaign will land a rural enterprise at the best of the initially web page of Google along side of their competitors. It is a offered that any serious small business will have a internet site that reflects who they are, the culture of their business, as effectively as what services they present.

The Compact Town Competitive Benefit

According to a University of Minnesota study of nearly 14,000 rural firms, “More than half do not have a web page conveniently discovered on Google. The world wide web has leveled the playing field between urban and compact town communities. Social media present a special challenge and opportunity for rural organizations to compete with their urban counterparts.. Furthermore 90 % do not use social media. In extra densely populated areas a site is as simple as a phone. They just want to be discovered by those searching for them.

As a Web Developer in The Dalles, Oregon, I see these very same outcomes on a daily basis. If you do not have the fundamentals of a nicely built web site then you have no opportunity of these individuals finding your small business.

Half of Rural Corporations Do Not Have a Website

Sadly, to several little town organizations don’t understand the significance of digital marketing and advertising and as a outcome they are actually losing business enterprise to out of town companies. These campaigns are extremely price helpful and it is uncomplicated to monitor the return on investment.

How To Compete and Win Back Your Shoppers

Rural corporations are missing an opportunity to turn a competitive benefit into massive earnings. Americans invest a lot more time on world-wide-web associated activities then they do with any other type of media like television. Smaller town firms need to have to take the aggressive stance that these companies have and use their reduced labor charges to their advantage.

It incorporates getting an powerful social media presence. It is time for the modest town organizations to use digital marketing and advertising and their competitive strengths to develop their firms.

To do this they will will need to have an powerful digital presence. It is time for tiny town firms to turn the tables and use their competitive advantage in labor prices to leverage a lot more jobs.

As pointed out earlier, over half of rural and smaller town businesses do not have a website. Little town firms can raise their industry share by successfully marketing and advertising their business into the adjacent urban markets via the use of effective world-wide-web marketing and advertising. In short, they are not advertising themselves online and this most likely has detrimental financial consequences, each to individual companies and to their communities as world wide web use continues to enhance.”

The Internet has leveled the promoting field involving urban and rural America significantly like it did in between nations (combined with elevated efficiencies in worldwide shipping)

Social Media Marketing is a Key to Success in a Mobile World

It is just not another notion that social media is getting far much greater outreach as expected by many some years ago. It was considered to be a more of a fun time activity, and to form social groups. Now, it has taken a diversified step to play its most updated part in internet marketing and optimization campaigns. So, you need to be sure that your products are properly seen or heard in the internet world, and the best way is to be on all mediums.

If you want your product or service to become a Brand Name then you have to have a clear cut thought in mind as where you want to take your business. If you feel like getting on top of the game, with all white hat Search Engine Optimization practices then you have to fire a reliable agency that can perform such functions for you. It is just not a matter of direct or conventional marketing anymore, and you need to focus on prospect clients who are moving all around with smart phones in their hands.

An effective campaign on social media like face book page creation and management or a LinkedIn profile will do great works for you. You will see lots of potential customers switching to your brand due to an eye grabbing advertisement on Social Media or a blog that kept their attention and they redirected to your official website. So, it is just too much necessary to be out for proper SEO Practices and for Social Media Marketing for sure. It is just a great thing that comes around for you to carry on a very good level for your Business Promotion and to be seen on top ranks on search engine results.

Internet Marketing is combination of so many marketing factors and Social Media Marketing is one such domain that is rapidly taking charge of brand promotions and advertisements. You can make it all happen in great delights for your financial prosperity and for having a proper stance in the world of digital marketing. You will do it all for your great Return on Investment (ROI).

It is here that you need a well reputed search engine optimization company, to let you introduce to the whole new group of clients and best people around. You can make all that well with a proper presence on local business lists and with a proper social media campaigns by great SEO technicians. Well, it is a separate field and social media managers are hired and work independently for your business promotion. But you can get these services form a good optimization company as they work all at one place and in a bigger scope.

6 Local Marketing Lessons

If your business will be present at a local event and marketing to a captive audience, make sure you pay attention to the six lessons:

  1. Make sure you’ve got a website. Obviously, check that it works before you print your signs and business cards. An eBay store doesn’t count, either; it needs to be your own site.
  2. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. If you’re at an event where you’re selling something, it’s likely that customers will price shop. If you’re not selling anything, you still want people to be able to check out your company.
  3. Make sure your site is well designed for a good user experience. Unless you’re purposefully going for the retro-kitsch thing, don’t have a site that looks like it was designed in the early ’90s. Make sure your site is easy to navigate, and definitely be sure to optimize your site with the correct local signals so you’ll rank well in local searches.
  4. Make sure your email address uses your site’s domain name. AOL addresses make you look less professional, and a branded email helps showcase your URL whenever someone sees your email address.
  5. Make sure you’re using a local number. This is especially important on your website, but on business cards and ads, too.
  6. Make finding your social properties easy. If you’re printing business cards, fliers or ads, make sure you list the URLs for your social properties, not just icons.

8 Social Media Marketing Tips for your Businesses


Facebook is one of the most commonly used platforms for social media marketing of brands and businesses. While you might be using this platform for your social media marketing activities and getting good results as well, here are two tips to enhance and enrich your business’s Facebook presence.

1. What are people talking about your business? Use Targeted Conversations to find out!

When you type a few keywords related to your brand and business, you will find various search results. Of all the search results, there will be a few results which are old posts from people’s News Feed. These help you understand what sort of conversations happen about your business and what people’s opinions about your business are.

2. Use the Poll feature to bring in people’s opinions in groups and events

Earlier, you could create polls from your timeline itself. Now this has been replaced by a ‘polls only in groups and event pages’ feature. This helps you get feedback about events conducted by your company and feedback about other activities conducted.



The social media marketing techniques used on Twitter should be yielding you good results, but going a step further, it is good to do a little bit more to get better results. Here are 2 tips to  enhance the output of your efforts put into marketing your business on Twitter.

1. Keep track of those who unfollow you

If you are a business still building your brand in the social media space, especially Twitter, it is essential for you to keep a track of who’s unfollowing you. If influencers from your industry feature in the list of people who have unfollowed your Twitter handle, then it is a red alert for you to check your Twitter strategy.

2. Research hashtags before using them

When you are using hashtags in your tweets, it is better to understand more about them. This helps ensure you use hashtags unique to your business, thereby helping you create a solid identity on Twitter. In future, your customers and potential customers will surely be able to associate the hashtags with your business or brand. Topsy is a tool which you can use to analyse hashtags. It is a free tool which will give you the analysis of various hashtags.



LinkedIn is also used for social media marketing of brands and businesses. The kinds of posts carried out on LinkedIn are slightly different from those on other social media platforms. The social media marketing techniques used for LinkedIn are slightly on the serious, intellectual side. Here are two social media marketing tips to help you utilize the power of LinkedIn better.

1. Add media files to your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn allows you to add various kinds of media files to your profile. This can be a great way to portray your company’s work to the people out there! Embedding files to your LinkedIn profile is a very simple process. This helps you create a portfolio of your work.

2. Create a Showcase Page

LinkedIn offers a Showcase Page feature to companies. This is part of the Company Page but is also an exclusive section which can be used to promote your products and services. The advantage of having a showcase page is you can have content specific to your target audience. This helps draw the attention of your target audience easily.



Pinterest is a social media marketing platform for businesses belonging to certain industries. Here are two tips for businesses which benefit from having a Pinterest for Business account. This will help further your business’s social media marketing activities.

1. Use URLs which can be tracked but not marked as spam

Pinterest marks shortened URLs as spam. So, when you need to track the traffic coming in from various platforms which includes Pinterest, it is best to use URLs with UTM codes which will help you track the traffic from Pinterest on to your website or blog. This URL will be long but will not be marked as spam by Pinterest, but since Pinterest URLs cannot be seen by viewers, it is easy to use.

2. Track who Pins from your site

Pinterest lets you find out who Pins from your site. This helps you understand the demographics and interests of the people who view your website. This in turn lets you target your posts better as well as understand what sort of content and resources people who visit your website look for. You can find out who Pins from your site using this URL – http://pinterest.com/source/yourdomain.com/

We are sure these tips will help you create better and more effective social media marketing strategies for your business. Social media marketing is a constantly changing landscape with a never ending stream of knowledge for you to lap up.

Utilizing Facebook as an Online Marketing Tool

One person to person communication site that is extremely prevalent among numerous individuals today is Facebook. With Facebook, you will have the capacity to get your particular profile page where you can transfer a boundless measure of photographs, offer features, furthermore a spot where you will let individuals seeing a bit about you.

In spite of the fact that this is an incredible informal communication webpage that will empower you to stay in contact with your companions and acquaintances and also meet new individuals and make new companions, it is likewise a site that made a great deal of web advertisers dribble.

With more than 62 million dynamic endorsers and as yet keeping on growing, you realize that this spot is the spot to market.

In the event that you claim a business and you are coming to for a 18 to 25 demographic to offer your items, you will see that Facebook will have the capacity to give you your target clients. Most supporters here are matured somewhere around 18 and 25, which is known as the “tech-sharp youth groups of onlookers”.

With Facebook, you won’t just focus on your promotions on particular areas and colleges, yet you will likewise have the capacity to get what’s coming to you of gathering of people. Here, you will see that when you go along with, you will have the capacity to promptly utilize devices that can truly help you publicize your items and administrations.

You can alter your profile keeping in mind the end goal to make it special and pull in your intended interest group and you can likewise post online journals and even syndicate your website page utilizing RSS. In the event that you have feature promotions about your items or administrations, you can post it here on Facebook too.

When you enroll with Facebook, you can likewise include companions. Have a go at including as much as you can and make some relationship. On the off chance that you know somebody who utilizes Facebook, add them and attempt to get them to advance the items or administrations you offer.

This is one extraordinary highlight of Facebook. With it, you will have the capacity to get individuals who are associated with your system to promote for you. Thusly, you will see that you will have the capacity to market your item all the more viably by getting individuals in other system think about your items or administrations.

An alternate extraordinary device that you can use in Facebook is the capacity to give you a chance to include applications in your profile page. Here, you will have the capacity to include diversions and different applications in your profile page, which can be awesome in pulling in other individuals to visit your profile page.

As should be obvious, Facebook will have the capacity to make an extraordinary potential in web promoting. The site as of now has the numbers as far as activity, and it likewise has the devices vital for you to market your items or administrations adequately.

It is simply a question of knowing how to utilize these instruments furthermore know how to successfully advertise your items or administrations. By making an awesome profile page in Facebook, you can make certain that you will have the capacity to draw in a considerable measure of focused on movement.

The Benefits of Joining Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Not to be confused with the Better Business Bureau, which represents the interests of both consumers and businesses alike, the Chamber of Commerce solely represents the interests of business owners.  Today there are thousands of these organizations all across the U.S., all of them focused in one way or another on promoting any number of pro-business initiatives.

Today’s Chamber of Commerce organizations range from the all-encompassing and nationwide U.S. Chamber of Commerce all the way down to the state, regional and local levels.  The exact nature and extent of the activity undertaken by the Chamber then varies in accordance with the level at which it operates.

For instance, local Chambers of Commerce are focused on bringing their own business community together in ways that will foster their members’ own growth and support for one another. In many cases, that means working with local government representatives, such as the mayor, the city council and other local representatives to ensure the voices of the Chamber’s actively engaged entrepreneurs and other business owners are heard and that their needs are being met.

Becoming a Local Chamber of Commerce Member

Okay, so it sounds like a no-brainer that any small business owner should get on board, join up and join in, at the very least where the local Chamber of Commerce is concerned, but not so fast!

Before you do, you need to understand going in that becoming a member of your local Chamber of Commerce will cost you some money.  That’s right, paying dues of some kind is required.  And while those dues will constitute a tax write off for you and your business, given that joining the Chamber isn’t free, it begs the question: “Is it worth it?”

We’ll get to that in a bit.

For now, just know that conducting a straightforward cost-benefit analysis is only part of the equation when it comes to making this decision.  It’s also important to understand that getting the best return on your investment will require something you may already believe you don’t have enough of these days…time.  Joining the local Chamber if you’re not going to take the time required to become an active member is probably not going to pay off much for you, certainly not in the long term.

Yes, joining your local Chamber of Commerce is essentially about your own business’ growth, that’s for certain, not just initially but well into the future.  It’s also about building relationships over time that will take time, but that will also have a tremendous positive impact on your professional and personal growth, as well as that of your surrounding community.

Chamber of Commerce Membership: Benefits from the Consumer Perspective

When it comes to describing the benefits of doing anything, there’s a tendency to rely on what would be considered more anecdotal evidence, especially where there’s been little research conducted or a lack of more scientifically driven information is available.

Thankfully that’s not the case when it comes to understanding the value of joining a local Chamber of Commerce from a consumer and customer relations standpoint.  On this subject, the findings are pretty clear.

In fact, a recent study designed to measure consumer perspectives on this topic yielded some pretty impressive numbers for building a persuasive argument as to why businesses and companies that don’t join their local Chamber may be doing themselves a tremendous disservice.  It was conducted by The Schapiro Group and Market Street Services using a scientific web-based survey of 2,000 adults across the country.

First among the most telling results?  When consumers know that a small business is a member of their local Chamber of Commerce, they are 44% more likely to think favorably of it, and they’re a full 63% more likely to purchase goods or services from that company in the future.

Talk about brand awareness and image enhancement!

Additionally, a high level of involvement in the local Chamber by a business grants it a certain level of trustworthiness and a competitive edge in the local marketplace. In fact, those businesses are automatically perceived by many to be industry leaders.

Furthermore, Chamber membership confers a higher level of distinction on certain types of businesses in particular, including restaurants and insurance companies.  And it results in all companies being more highly perceived as users of good business practices, reputable, caring about their customers and being more involved in their communities overall.

Chamber of Commerce Membership: Benefits from the Business Owner Perspective

So we’ve pretty much established that joining the local Chamber of Commerce carries a certain level of cachet where consumers’ perceptions are concerned.  And that alone is a great reason to get involved, no question.

But remember those more “anecdotal” benefits we referred to earlier?  They’re every bit if not more important to you as a small business owner because they represent the nuts and bolts of how your joining the local Chamber can yield measurable and positive results for you and your specific business over time.

Here they are:

Promotions and publicity—Many local Chambers run programs that offer promotional materials, events and activities to welcome new residents and businesses to the area, ensuring that your business is front and center and ahead of the local competition with this very valuable target audience.  Additionally, business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) advertising and publicity opportunities are oftentimes available to members exclusively, and mailing list access alone could be worth its weight in gold.

Networking—While today’s technology and the ability to network online may have you wondering if the local Chamber of Commerce way of doing business in person is obsolete, think again.  There’s still nothing as strong as face-to-face communication where building trust, respect and name recognition is concerned…nothing.  And it’s only through building that level of relationship over time that you are likely to acquire customer referrals and find the most suitable vendors, consultants and distributors you need to help you grow your small business long-term.

Mentoring—We’ve talked a lot in these pages about the incredible benefit of having a mentor when you are starting or trying to grow your own small business, and the local Chamber of Commerce is a great place to find one.  It’s also a great place for you as an established small business owner or entrepreneur to offer your services to an up and comer in this regard.  Nothing pays you back like paying it forward, and mentoring is no exception to that rule.

Events and programs—The local Chamber of Commerce will likely facilitate a whole host of activities and events over the course of a given year, each designed to help you as a small business owner to either get to know your peers, your competition or your customers that much better.  These kinds of programs provide tremendous business opportunities for people to get to know one another and expand their prospect base and generate great leads.

Members-only discounts and services—Oftentimes, local Chambers of Commerce will negotiate deals with companies and businesses that provide the products and services that businesses need most, such as phone and internet service, computer hardware and software or other vendor products and services.  And don’t forget health care insurance access.  These discounts alone can mean hundreds of dollars in savings to the small business owner in particular, making the cost of dues almost negligible by comparison.

Government access and impact—Because the local Chamber of Commerce speaks with a united voice, one very much in favor of business interests, members are more likely to have an impact on government decision-making as part of a larger body than they would on their own.  Additionally, elected officials are much more likely to entertain an audience of concerned local Chamber of Commerce members than they are any one individual business owner, especially if he or she is not representing a very large concern or at the very least a large contributor.

An Office Away from the Office—Small business owners, especially those who work from a small home office, will have a place they can go to congregate with other professionals when and if the need for human interaction and exchange becomes preferable.  Moreover, they can oftentimes use the Chamber’s facilities to host clients and hold meetings, ensuring they have a more professional office environment available to them that may even be available at a moment’s notice.

For More Information:

Looking for more insight on what belonging to your local Chamber of Commerce might mean for you and your business in terms of consumer appeal? We invite you to read more about the study findings referenced in this article at The Real Value of Joining a Local Chamber of Commerce: A Research Study.

If becoming an active member of your local Chamber of Commerce is something you’d like to learn more about, we recommend that you contact that organization directly, and if you’d like more information about the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, you’ll find it here at http://www.uschamber.com/.

Effective Social Media Marketing Techniques

What is SMM?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is all about getting more traffic through social media websites. It majors on providing quality content to attract attention and encourage the audience to share this content with others on social media.


Basic Elements of Social Media Marketing Techniques

  1. Business Goals that are achievable, measurable and realistic.
  2. Potential customers
  3. Research
  4. Unique content
  5. Marketing Objectives
  6. Channels


Pros of Social Media Marketing

In 2014, Hubspot revealed that 92% of marketers worldwide referred to social media as significant to their business. 97% of marketers today are engaging in social media.

Here are some of the many benefits of social media marketing:

  1. More website traffic.
  2. Better conversion rates.
  3. Improved customer service.
  4. Gaining customer loyalty.
  5. Increased brand visibility.
  6. No need of incurring advertising costs or setting promotional budgets.
  7. Improved search engine rankings.
  8. Better customer insights.


8 Effective Social Media Marketing Techniques Revealed

1)      Become active across all social media channels – make campaigns that spread across all your networks with trending unique content.

2)      Don’t focus on gaining followers, build a growing community – a community is better because it pays needed attention to what you provide or share.

3)      Boost influencers pride– influencer normally have a large audience at their back and also they are more knowledgeable on their chosen niche. Here are some tips on how to get them looking at you:

  1. Research and create a list of potential influencers.
  2. Engage with their content by sharing it, liking it or even updating it.
  3. Ask them questions about something that has been launched or questions related to their niche – This makes them feel important and good.
  4. Engage in twitter chats – this helps your business grow or branch out more by getting new angles, authority and building robust relationships with influencers in your niche.


4)      Make sure you provide unique trending content– here are some ways to go about this:

– Check out news channels and see what’s new pertaining to your niche.
– Comment on trending content.
– Use Buzzsumo to find great content.
– Search for relevant videos on youtube and share them.

5)      Use effective social media platforms – These include:

  1. Twitter – Did you know that there are about 500 million tweets sent every single day? Definitely someone is bound to engage with you or share your content.
  2. Facebook – Do you know that Facebook has 1.23billion monthly active users? The audience is vast in numbers. Potential customers right at your door step.
  3. Google+ – this is a great social platform for social signals. When you post something on your niche and someone happens to search for something related to that on Google search, your post is likely to be on page one of the search results. Also if you have a large presence on Google+, a snippet of your profile will be revealed when someone searches for your business on Google search.
  4. LinkedIn – This social platform comprises of over 332million users. Best platform for B2B social maeketers.


6)      Make use of Facebook ads – they are fairly cheap and best of all, the audience is extremely targeted showcasing good results or conversions.

7)      Make sure your niche purpose is to solve a problem– normally this gets more conversions.

8)      Provide unique interesting content – again make use of videos and infographics (beautiful informative visual presentations).



Give it time and make sure you follow through the techniques, remember more customers, increased traffic and higher conversions.

Online Marketing Techniques For 2015

Internet marketing is becoming more and more popular. A clean and professional strategy helps to build backbone of your online business. In the world of digitization traditional marketing has shifted with the popular online marketing techniques to reach out potential customers. As, we are in twenty first century, where our world is much advanced with technology, it’s time look forward to the most relevant trends of marketing this year.

Advancements and regular changes in digital marketing techniques are always accelerating and make it hard to keep up for the casual observers. So, let’s review the trends and predictions for 2015.


Mobile Optimization:
Mobile marketing has shown maximum growth rate in the past few years. In 2014, we saw the responsiveness and adaptive features in websites or mobile app. This year is moving beyond the simple mobile friendly websites and app. Apart from these techniques, mobile optimized content and social media marketing has shown significant growth.

Google’s specific emphasis on the mobile-friendly websites has been crucial for SEO point of view. They even stated that mobile usability is further relevant to search results and a major search ranking factor. So, we might predict that half of the websites will finally incorporate mobile into all areas of digital marketing. Mobile Ads, specific content creation for Smartphone users with a fully responsive website are crucial to boost success this year. So, consider a strategy of how the customers react with your social media posts and consume the feeds about your services.

Be more social:
Social media is the integral part of marketing strategy. Increasing number of fan followings in Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have forced the marketers to invest more in social media. Advertising campaigns, regular posts and updates have increased exposure to traffic, given new way to scale the results. Website clicks, app download, email opt-ins, etc are beneficial for small to medium scaled businesses.

More on Content Marketing:
From Google’s perspective, content is the king in every marketing effort. In B2B marketing research, over 90 percent of marketers use content marketing due to effectiveness. As, SEO, PPC and Social Media have allocated more on content marketing efforts, you need to find out the best way to stand out amidst the throngs. Content is not only text; video content and research base content boosts search engine activities and gives advantage in huge competitive market. Invest in mobile content, video and visual content is the basic marketing technique to look forward this year.

Email Marketing:
Email marketing is a cost effective solution of reaching more customers and large ROI. You can reach to customers and start direct communication with them, which helps to build relationship, trust and loyalty. You can reach the current and potential customers effectively using the well written, engaging e-newsletters. With each email sent, brand awareness starts to develop and thus keeps your business in top priority list within customers. After a successful reach out, people will remember your business and come back again.

Why Cheap Websites Don’t Work

I hate the word ‘Cheap’, to me it is a dirty word. I feel sorry for other web designers who actually think that it offers them any sort of credibility to their name, on the contrary it just makes them look bad. Lets look at the synonym for ‘Cheap’

Cheap, inexpensive  agree in their suggestion of low cost. Cheap  now usually suggests shoddiness, inferiority, showy imitation, complete unworthiness, and the like: a cheap kind of fur. Inexpensive  emphasizes lowness of price (although more expensive than cheap ) and suggests that the value is fully equal to the cost: an inexpensive dress.  It is often used as an evasion for the more specific cheap. 4.  paltry, low, poor, inferior, base.

I certainly do not want my business nor myself to be perceived like this, how about you ?

To build a professional website for your small business needs a professional approach, we are not building you a personal blog as a hobby, this is your lively hood, this is your online image and generally the first place a potential customer will look even before they pick up the phone or visit your premises. The importance of having a good looking, functional, conversion driven website should be in your businesses top priority list.

Reasons Why Cheap Websites Do Not Work

In web design cheap websites do not work because cheap usually signifies shortcuts are needed to be made to achieve the outcome within a budget. Web design firms like almost any business type works on an hourly rate basis, depending on how long the job takes will ultimately depend on the final price. With web design there are a significant amount of processes that need to be done in order to clearly communicate the clients needs and wants. Not only this there is an element of competitor research that needs to be done also to determine what you need to achieve to become an authority figure amongst your competitors.

If your competition has clearly spent thousands of dollars on web design and internet marketing do you really think that your $500 website will make an impact to your potential clients? Who do you think your clients will choose as the deciding factor when making a choice between 3 choices, the one that looks unprofessional, cheap, amateur or vice-versa ?

No one works for free, but if you are deciding to engage a web design firm that is offering you the world for $500 then you need to take a step back and consider what the potential outcome will be.  The fact of the matter is time is money and $500 will only get you so far, cheap website design providers will NOT give you personal service, will not NOT visit you for a one on one consultation and will NOT truly value your business relationship, and they certainly will NOT spend time and effort if giving you the results you want. Going for a cheap website may actually be a total waste of your time and investment maybe even tarnish your reputation.

Over the years we have heard all too many times of unsatisfied clients who have had to redesign their small business website because of poorly communicated deliverables and an overall bad experience dealing with cheap web design companies. This is why cheap websites do not work and should be given more value.

So your not looking for a cheap website but how much should you spend?

Generally for a start-up business online presence should be included in the start-up costs, however if you are an existing business and you want a website for your business then it should be part of your marketing costs. A businesses marketing budget should be between 4 and 12 percent of the gross turnover of the business, so an example of a businesses turning over under $1 million dollars the marketing budget should be around $25,000. The amount that should be allocated to your website is up to you. Generally thou, your website is the starting point so a general rule of thumb is to spend as much as is needed to make an impact when you go live.

If the cliche ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ was true then there would be no need to spend much money on website design, unfortunately visitors to your website will have an opinion of you within the first 30 seconds of landing on your website whether consciously or sub-consciously, make the right first impression, make an impact and get people talking about your website it will be well worth the effort, time and money you spend.

If your looking at pushing your business further into the online market or would like further advice on this matter please call us at 541.288.3172 to discuss your needs.

The New Small Business Marketing Landscape

Digital marketing has become VAST:
Marketing techniques constantly have to evolve and change with changing times; as the consumers evolve, so do the means of reaching out to them. Today’s consumers belongs to a digital age.

Talking about spends on digital marketing in 2010, approximately $154.4 billion was spent on direct and digital advertising in 2010, up 2.7% over 2009 levels. Of that amount, digital spending accounted for $27.7 billion, driven by search and targeted display advertising.

When we talk about digital marketing the pool of options available to a marketer are vast. From the latest mobile marketing to online display, there are numerous tools that can be used. However, the key lies in using each tool strategically to get the best results from the campaign.

Businesses cannot ignore their ONLINE FOOTPRINT:
Internet has become an integral part in businesses as well as homes. Internet users form a huge audience which marketers cannot afford to ignore. What people talk online can have a direct impact on sales. With search engines becoming ever more powerful, even the smallest remark on a blog or twitter status update, can be fetched and put forth in front of an information hungry web user. This has increased the need for continuous online analytics, not only of your own website, but also the entire web, wherever your name is mentioned.

Altered PR CYCLE:
As market dynamics change the age old means of driving publicity and PR also have to evolve. Today PR has evolved from merely pushing news to the media to a stage wherein content and messaging has taken center stage. Competition mapping, giving out the right message, and closely mapping industry movements helps build a strategic PR campaign. One that not only talks about your company but also helps you position your company in the industry as a thought leader. Monitoring conversations and real-time coverage clearly speaks about how PR has been altered to develop an intelligent messaging strategy.

The CONSUMER has gained substantial power:
Consumer is king!! Today there are a number of factors that influence a buying decision; from purchasing power to influencers that surround the consumer, have a huge role to play. Hence influencing the influencer is the new marketing mantra. With social media emerging as a huge platform to connect and network, this has led to the emergence of a certain set of individuals who are considered as opinion makers. These people have considerable clout because their thoughts, insight and opinions are highly valued by a large network of followers, friends, fans and readers. As a marketer you must identify who these individuals are and devise an influencer marketing strategy to reach out to them.

DIALOGING is better than push marketing:
Consumers today have a mind of their own and are smart enough to identify push marketing strategies. The new age marketing technique has moved away from ‘in the face’ marketing to subtle and more conversational style of selling. We live in a connected world where engagement, interactivity and dialogue play a huge rule. To converse and interact with your potential customer is essential to sell your product.

AMBIGUOUS marketing efforts have no future:
Marketing campaigns need to be structured and targeted. Any marketing effort that does not have a defined objective and a desired result in place is destined to fail. Ambiguous marketing campaigns that do not have a roadmap or a step-by-step roll out plan that leads to a pre decided conclusion will not achieve the desired results. Many businesses are rushing into social media marketing without knowing what they are getting into and how they will maintain it. Ill planned campaigns will lead to no or poor results.

Consistent MEASUREMENT and ADJUSTMENT is the key:
Any campaign that is launched needs to have a measurement matrix in place. At the end of the day, marketing is aimed at supporting and increasing sales. A campaign needs to be measured in terms of some quantifiable metrics. Especially in the case of social media marketing, a measurement criterion is essential to gauge the success of the campaign. Also it’s important to have the necessary flexibility in place. There should be room for changes and modifications in the strategy to achieve best results. There are times when market dynamics cannot be controlled. The marketing campaign should be made flexible to accommodate last minute modifications.