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Money Talks, But Saving Money Screams

Many marketers consider coupons to be an unnecessary drain on a brand’s resources and steer clear of them entirely.  Some brands avoid coupons because they negate the brand positioning and have little or no impact on their bottom line. Luxury brands come under this school of thought. By and large, however, most brands succumb to […]

Social Media Marketing Tips

1. Do join a conversation by using the native hashtag. As a brand, make it a point to join the conversation with the most organic hashtag your users are already using. This can be a chance to strengthen your brand loyalty and have your followers and fans feel acknowledged. 2. Do use Hashtags on all […]

Need An Estimate?

Most Web Developers (including us) have a questionnaire we have you fill out so we can get a better idea of what your needs are before quoting you a price on designing your website.

Promote Black Friday & Cyber Monday Offers With AdWords Structured Snippet Headers

The extensions can start showing starting November 20 This post originally appeared on SearchEngine Land written by Ginny Marvin Google has added two new short-term headers for structured snippet extensions designed to help merchants promote Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers in their AdWords ads. Structured snippet extension headers for Black Friday will be eligible to […]

50 Reasons Why Having A “Free Website” Is A Bad Idea

Do a Google search for “free website” and you’ll get back pages of results, all offering you a quick and easy solution for building your website without spending a cent. Interestingly enough, Google itself is giving away free domains and websites for a year. Sound too good to be true? Often it is – without […]

Why Small Business Owners Shouldn’t Design Their Own Websites

You’re a small business owner who has invested years–decades–into your business.  You’ve ridden out the changes and stayed successful.  You know your business model, your industry, and your customers. Now you need a new website design.  A picture develops in your mind of how you’ll convey all you’ve been through, all you know.  Your business […]

Why your Brick-and-Mortor Store needs a website

In the mid-1990s, smart, forward-thinking businesses were asking some valid questions about whether to explore this new world called “The Internet.” Since the World Wide Web as we know it was still in its infancy, business owners were wise to be a little cautious about committing resources to something unproven that also threatened to disrupt […]