6 Local Marketing Lessons

If your business will be present at a local event and marketing to a captive audience, make sure you pay attention to the six lessons:

  1. Make sure you’ve got a website. Obviously, check that it works before you print your signs and business cards. An eBay store doesn’t count, either; it needs to be your own site.
  2. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. If you’re at an event where you’re selling something, it’s likely that customers will price shop. If you’re not selling anything, you still want people to be able to check out your company.
  3. Make sure your site is well designed for a good user experience. Unless you’re purposefully going for the retro-kitsch thing, don’t have a site that looks like it was designed in the early ’90s. Make sure your site is easy to navigate, and definitely be sure to optimize your site with the correct local signals so you’ll rank well in local searches.
  4. Make sure your email address uses your site’s domain name. AOL addresses make you look less professional, and a branded email helps showcase your URL whenever someone sees your email address.
  5. Make sure you’re using a local number. This is especially important on your website, but on business cards and ads, too.
  6. Make finding your social properties easy. If you’re printing business cards, fliers or ads, make sure you list the URLs for your social properties, not just icons.

8 Social Media Marketing Tips for your Businesses


Facebook is one of the most commonly used platforms for social media marketing of brands and businesses. While you might be using this platform for your social media marketing activities and getting good results as well, here are two tips to enhance and enrich your business’s Facebook presence.

1. What are people talking about your business? Use Targeted Conversations to find out!

When you type a few keywords related to your brand and business, you will find various search results. Of all the search results, there will be a few results which are old posts from people’s News Feed. These help you understand what sort of conversations happen about your business and what people’s opinions about your business are.

2. Use the Poll feature to bring in people’s opinions in groups and events

Earlier, you could create polls from your timeline itself. Now this has been replaced by a ‘polls only in groups and event pages’ feature. This helps you get feedback about events conducted by your company and feedback about other activities conducted.



The social media marketing techniques used on Twitter should be yielding you good results, but going a step further, it is good to do a little bit more to get better results. Here are 2 tips to  enhance the output of your efforts put into marketing your business on Twitter.

1. Keep track of those who unfollow you

If you are a business still building your brand in the social media space, especially Twitter, it is essential for you to keep a track of who’s unfollowing you. If influencers from your industry feature in the list of people who have unfollowed your Twitter handle, then it is a red alert for you to check your Twitter strategy.

2. Research hashtags before using them

When you are using hashtags in your tweets, it is better to understand more about them. This helps ensure you use hashtags unique to your business, thereby helping you create a solid identity on Twitter. In future, your customers and potential customers will surely be able to associate the hashtags with your business or brand. Topsy is a tool which you can use to analyse hashtags. It is a free tool which will give you the analysis of various hashtags.



LinkedIn is also used for social media marketing of brands and businesses. The kinds of posts carried out on LinkedIn are slightly different from those on other social media platforms. The social media marketing techniques used for LinkedIn are slightly on the serious, intellectual side. Here are two social media marketing tips to help you utilize the power of LinkedIn better.

1. Add media files to your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn allows you to add various kinds of media files to your profile. This can be a great way to portray your company’s work to the people out there! Embedding files to your LinkedIn profile is a very simple process. This helps you create a portfolio of your work.

2. Create a Showcase Page

LinkedIn offers a Showcase Page feature to companies. This is part of the Company Page but is also an exclusive section which can be used to promote your products and services. The advantage of having a showcase page is you can have content specific to your target audience. This helps draw the attention of your target audience easily.



Pinterest is a social media marketing platform for businesses belonging to certain industries. Here are two tips for businesses which benefit from having a Pinterest for Business account. This will help further your business’s social media marketing activities.

1. Use URLs which can be tracked but not marked as spam

Pinterest marks shortened URLs as spam. So, when you need to track the traffic coming in from various platforms which includes Pinterest, it is best to use URLs with UTM codes which will help you track the traffic from Pinterest on to your website or blog. This URL will be long but will not be marked as spam by Pinterest, but since Pinterest URLs cannot be seen by viewers, it is easy to use.

2. Track who Pins from your site

Pinterest lets you find out who Pins from your site. This helps you understand the demographics and interests of the people who view your website. This in turn lets you target your posts better as well as understand what sort of content and resources people who visit your website look for. You can find out who Pins from your site using this URL – http://pinterest.com/source/yourdomain.com/

We are sure these tips will help you create better and more effective social media marketing strategies for your business. Social media marketing is a constantly changing landscape with a never ending stream of knowledge for you to lap up.

Utilizing Facebook as an Online Marketing Tool

One person to person communication site that is extremely prevalent among numerous individuals today is Facebook. With Facebook, you will have the capacity to get your particular profile page where you can transfer a boundless measure of photographs, offer features, furthermore a spot where you will let individuals seeing a bit about you.

In spite of the fact that this is an incredible informal communication webpage that will empower you to stay in contact with your companions and acquaintances and also meet new individuals and make new companions, it is likewise a site that made a great deal of web advertisers dribble.

With more than 62 million dynamic endorsers and as yet keeping on growing, you realize that this spot is the spot to market.

In the event that you claim a business and you are coming to for a 18 to 25 demographic to offer your items, you will see that Facebook will have the capacity to give you your target clients. Most supporters here are matured somewhere around 18 and 25, which is known as the “tech-sharp youth groups of onlookers”.

With Facebook, you won’t just focus on your promotions on particular areas and colleges, yet you will likewise have the capacity to get what’s coming to you of gathering of people. Here, you will see that when you go along with, you will have the capacity to promptly utilize devices that can truly help you publicize your items and administrations.

You can alter your profile keeping in mind the end goal to make it special and pull in your intended interest group and you can likewise post online journals and even syndicate your website page utilizing RSS. In the event that you have feature promotions about your items or administrations, you can post it here on Facebook too.

When you enroll with Facebook, you can likewise include companions. Have a go at including as much as you can and make some relationship. On the off chance that you know somebody who utilizes Facebook, add them and attempt to get them to advance the items or administrations you offer.

This is one extraordinary highlight of Facebook. With it, you will have the capacity to get individuals who are associated with your system to promote for you. Thusly, you will see that you will have the capacity to market your item all the more viably by getting individuals in other system think about your items or administrations.

An alternate extraordinary device that you can use in Facebook is the capacity to give you a chance to include applications in your profile page. Here, you will have the capacity to include diversions and different applications in your profile page, which can be awesome in pulling in other individuals to visit your profile page.

As should be obvious, Facebook will have the capacity to make an extraordinary potential in web promoting. The site as of now has the numbers as far as activity, and it likewise has the devices vital for you to market your items or administrations adequately.

It is simply a question of knowing how to utilize these instruments furthermore know how to successfully advertise your items or administrations. By making an awesome profile page in Facebook, you can make certain that you will have the capacity to draw in a considerable measure of focused on movement.